Challenging Year For ALL

It’s been a while I haven’t write in here.
So, the updates.
I am currently undergoing a training for a CDO (Community Development Officer) for SOLS 24/7 (google them will ya!) for a volunteering project.
Yes, I have thought about getting back to the people, not by money (because if you give them fish, they will need more, u give them a rod and skill to fish,they might set for life!).

It is quite challenging because, as what I always said to myself, people are shit!, but I love em. hahah. so, meeting with a lot of people in life is really interesting and feel so alive in a weird way though.

This blog has been so passive and now, since I am not busy writing codes, or script, or storyline, or anything related to work,
I think I will start to make this blog active again (I think I’ve wrote this a lot here.. lol)

I will update every single journey and place of my life here.

I do not know who’s reading this, but please do leave a comment, and maybe I will buy u a drink! 😛


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