Tioman 1st week

14 April 2016,

The beginning….

It’s been a long journey from Kuala Lumpur.

Finished off the last class with my first SOLS 247 students and I will miss them so much, till my manly tears drop! To see their faces, wishing me a farewell is like watching my favourite cake being eaten by others slowly but I can’t do anything about it!

But still, there were a lot in my mind at that time especially that “black luggage”. It has been haunted my most logical and emotional senses since the content arrived, in my life!

It holds the most precious content in the world, that I need to protect, and by hook or by crook, it must arrive at its final destination – to the hand of the students!

Rewinding a bit, I have prepared all the clothes and stuff I need or ‘might’ need actually, and voila! 3 bags, 1 guitar bag, and of course the black luggage.

I suppose it is true when you have no one to turn too, you always have your family to back you up and that’s proven because I ended up driving from 12 am with my mom and younger sister all the way to Batu pahat (short night sleep) and then mersing.

I have no complain about the long journey, but as a fellow ‘over-tanned’ people, I just hated the heat. Too much heat and it just drain my energy!

First stop, the jetty, it was nice for a while because there is RAIN! Yes, RAIN! But the heat effected my comfort level so badly, that I do not feel that I am a walking perfume anymore. (you get what I mean, aren’t you?)

Anyway, with a few bucks (Rm20 to be exact), I manage to bring that black luggage ‘safely’ and ‘comfortably’ into the ferry and the journey begin..with a snore.



Got some lovely chit chat with an uncle, named Nazri in the ferry.  He was a 74 years old man, used to be a fisherman there in Kampung Air Batang, Tioman Island. Since I am not sure how was his English, yes, we spoke with our native tongue language. From my first impression, the level of friendliness was a bit-off. But, manage to exchange number, which might show otherwise.

This time, got my first workout, pulling that black luggage all the way to our van (me and my extraordinary manager – Margret) and yah. Home sweet home (it will be).

After a gooooooddd long cold shower, Margret just went straight to sleep ( Something wrong with what she ate previously at Redang ) , my little adventure begin.



First Walk

Well, to be exact, this is my first impression of the place (Kampung Tekek, Tioman Island). It does not look like the typical tourist place/island like others in Malaysia. It is more prone of a village.

Walked few minutes down the road and yeah, nothing much to see, even the sea view was blocked by a bunch of buildings and shoplots (or maybe just because it was dark) so, I would say my first little walk was not that encouraging.

First encounter

I stopped by at a small groceries shop and I think people in here, like, known each other so well. Even the guy that bought something before me was like, asking the shop owner’s wife (who was just off the phone) about that woman’s conversation?! And yeah, I did ask a simple weather question and he have this trengganu accent?! Which was pretty confusing because obviously I am in pahang, and in the middle of the ocean. Far from trengganu.

So, I thought “owh, maybe he just migrated to this place”

Later on, went to this malay restaurant nearby my house, and well. It was awkward. The greeting from them, was like a bit – aggressive but not in an offensive manner.

I ordered my food and drink (Just a simple seafood’s fried rice and fresh apple) which cost around RM12! But yeah, the woman was not really friendly though, maybe because I look like some poor local tourist? Or simply just like, new dude in town?! Or maybe because I replied her with Bahasa (because she was like, super friendly – not that friendly, with all the foreigners in the shop?!) hahah.

But… the funny fact when I was on my way to pay the bill, that woman’s husband asked me what am I doing here? And the word, teacher comes first “magic moment happen” ! They are all sooooooooo friendly! Hahahhahah.. I will always remember this moment because it was the first one for me in Tioman. And the fact that the owner has made a special place in her restaurant for her children’s English education helps with the ‘warm-welcome’

Later, after I reached home, a couple of kids were hanging outside the house (like idk, listening to music and chat among them) and I just talk with them in English and WoW. They really impressed me with their English. They can speak! Like, really well! And too bad, they are not in the class, but still, at least I got another clue that there is a class in this house.


Even though these little things seems to be so light, but it is crucial for me to remember this because this is my first memory here in Tioman.

To observe and experience on how people interact with each other here, the view, the mood, everything is the littlest thing that I want to feel and appreciate!

Good night, Tioman

To be continued…


15 April 2016,

People are amazing.

Getting to know my manager when I was in here was a splendid moment.

She has so many advice and stories to offer, yet she never felt tired of sharing.

She is like my big sister, she care, she does but not in a ‘prison-warden’ way. It was quite easy to be open with someone when they are doing the same thing.

But hey, the whole day was really good that I manage to actually get so many contacts and positive response from the local islander with the volunteering – without even have to speak the best  English I have, because they are comfortable on talking Bahasa. But, the interest was there and I even get a free place to make a class!

Other than those few good moments, I will always ready for the worst because there will be, even I cannot assume or predict what it will be, but I can always prepare myself mentally and psychologically so that I won’t break down when it happen!

And we ended the great day, with a good Food! And to be able to plant that idea of having a bbq fish almost backfired because the restaurant that I know was closed, and luckily there was another restaurant that opened, and the weather, the scenery and the foods was AMAZING!

For tonight, it ended with smiles and a good feeling.

I might have a jog tomorrow (emphasizing on that ‘might’), but for now, I think I’ll just write and maybe do a lesson plan for my first class, on Sunday night.


16 April 2016,

Hatred is a cancer

The title does not reflect the story that I am writing today, even though it is something that happen daily in our life, hatred and vengeance were one of human’s nature that can only be cured by forgiveness (the one that hate or the one being hated). That’s all what I can say about the title.

I have managed to get in touch with the previous CDO in here Amy, a singer at Cabana Tioman. He is an awesome person and I know he have a pure heart, but being young sometimes made you follow your heart more than anything else. Follow your heart, that’s a best quote ever in everyone, but sometimes, if the heart wasn’t pure enough, we can end up somewhere bad (based on my experience).

Came with a hope of getting to know about the motorcycle that being used by the organisation in Tioman Island was quite a doubtful one, but patience is always a virtue.

In the end of the day, I ended up being entertained by Amy and his band mate at the lovely cabana! It was a night, that filled me with a lot of emotion and thoughts of people. Anxious, worried yet calm and relaxing in the same time, these feeling contradict each other but somehow, I survive.


17 April 2016,

Lazy Sunday

Having a hard time sleeping (probably because of the comfort of having so many pillows back in my home) is a thing that I need to solve fast in here, simply because my plan to have a healthy life by jogging each morning were “excused” by those sleepless night.

I will have my first class tonight, went to see Amy again and he brought me to the person that was in charge of taking care of that motorcycle. Good news is, the bike still exist, bad news is, waiting game is needed.

Again, patience is always a virtue.

I am now writing in a place with a free wifi, but unstable connection which will be one of the main reason why this blog will be updated, late. But I will go to the centre for the ‘fast and stable’ internet, and hoping that I could upload this all.

Wish me luck on my first class in Tioman Island!

18 April 2016,

Tired is both illusion and reality,

I’ve been starting my classes this week and it was both exciting and tiring since most classes were attended by most energetic student! Well, I would safely admit here that my age sure does shows it colour now.

To meet each one of the people here give me all the insight that I did not expect. The joy, their experience, their life, all is precious and worth to keep note.

How do I go through this moment without anyone or someone that can be called “Friend” officially is what amaze me. Introvert does save your sanity. You fill in your time with books, music, and writing, even though you were in a crowded place of strangers, you are still content with your activities. This is how introvert survive through such ‘lonely’ time. After all, you never alone, but loneliness is somehow built in each of every one of us.  We just have to find the perfect cure and yes, being with other people helps a lot!

I would share my way and maybe you can use it as well. When we start to talk about introvert, everyone would think that it means a loner, anti-social, or just socially awkward person, which all of these are true! Because that’s how introvert would live their life, spend their time alone, socializing is an option that they would rather put aside. But being an introvert for so long will lead to the social-awkwardness. The ability to socialize will soon be deceased or decreased because of the preferences to being alone.

It will take some time to fix that, and a lot of trying and fail to a point that you will need to put an invincible brick in front of you just to try to socialize again! But it will be worth it once you have made ‘few’ friends (that is worth to be called friends). Afterward, go out, just go out more. The problem with introvert is that “outside is bad” is too overrated according to me. Even I am outside, I can still be the introvert I am in a room. Because socializing is an option and people around me were just an option – to say hi or to start a conversation. I did not use the earphone technique because I love to hear everything around me when I am outside, because that is the music! People chatting, the air, the breeze, the wave (woot woot), everything can be music if your mind is creative enough.

Ok, back to the introvert solution, after you made some friends and went out, just do any activities that you have the power/effort/passionate/dream of doing! As for me, I love hiking, trekking, jogging, swimming, sports, or even just walk. It would be really great if your new ‘friends’ love doing the same thing as you did, because that will helps you on breaking that “introvert” wall.

This solution of mine does not mean you will be an extrovert. Because I am not, and I do not wish to be that. It helps me whenever I know that socializing seems ‘impossible’ in certain time and place, where I could either go there socializing or just stay in one place and just do whatever thing I wanna do, ignoring everything around.



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