Big Plate Restaurant U6 Shah Alam

Big Plate Restoran u6 Shah Alam

It’s a simple restaurant with a simple exterior and environment. I was craving for pasta and my friend recommended me to go here, so here I am, writing this post in the word (since the waiter told me that all of their workers forgot their Wi-Fi password?!wth?)

I ordered spaghetti bolognaise which price is MYR$ 20.50,kinda pricey rite? But I really do hope it’s worth it. With no wifi simple ‘warung-style’ restaurant, pricey foods, what’s the worst can happen.. LOL

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I’ve taken during my ‘craving trip’

Their signboard
It's a simple restaurant with expensive foods! lol

Their contact number,just in case u want to call them and complain about their PRICE! (i mean,come on,william also serve such foods with really2 reasonable price!)
I sat outside of the restaurant and you can see the guthrie highway as the beackground
Their Menu ..look at the prices!
their main course's menu~
Their western's cuisine
neighboring shops~
I ordered a spaghetti bolognaise ..i think it's a 2 person meal!
All i can say,their pasta, was really my kind of pasta!! i LOVE it!! eventhough it's pricey,but it's worth it~
well,like i said,i am CRAZZZYYYY for pasta.. i can finished it up...but having some trouble to get up..buncit already~

3 thoughts on “Big Plate Restaurant U6 Shah Alam

  1. i ada pi kedai ni tahun 2002 dan 2003 dulu la, lepaih tu tak penah pi dah..
    I buleh tau kedai ni pon sebab member I bawak pi sana..

    tapi memang gila la, makanan gila-gila banyak..


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