Masak lemak cili api Recipe

Masak lemak cili api or Spicy Coconut milk green curry ( Perut – cow stomach / Ayam – chicken / Udang – Prawn / Ketam – Crab) is an easy recipe to do.
Below is the ingredient :
4 pieces of shallot / Onions

1 piece of garlic

1 and 1/2 inches of turmeric (you can use the turmeric powder if you do not have the ‘live’ one)

1 inches of ginger

10 +- small spicy chilies ( quantity depending on how much you love the spiciness of your dish )

(All the ingredients above should be blended)
3 lemongrass (pressed)

200ml coconut milk

2 small chunk of tamarind peel (Asam Keping)

1 tablespoon of salt

Main ingredients :
4 pieces of chicken / 4 crabs / prawns / cow stomach / meats

1. Blend the shallot, chilies, garlic, turmeric, ginger until all mixed together
2. Heat up the pot with maybe around 4 tablespoon of oil ( you can use palm oil / vegetables oil)
3. Stir the mixed ingredients together until you can smell the aroma of it
4. put in the lemongrass, tamarind peel and salt
5. Put in the main ingredients
6. After the main ingredients looks like half-cooked, put in 2 cup of water and the coconut milk
7. If you dont want the curry to be sour, remove the tamarind peel
8. Stir it couple of times within 10 minutes
9. Taste it, and fixed it with some salt if it’s tasteless
10. Prepare and eat it!

Final dish :

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