Fun Fact about women and online world

Online world women~
  1. What really can you ask/get via reality vs online from a female?
  • Name : [reality] maybe,not full name,not at all [online] real name,full name,nickname,at least something to call them.
  • Age : [reality] hahah,try that,you either being laughed at,or ignored [online] it’s either unreal,or their birthday too!
  • What can you see in her life? : [reality] things that she told you of course [online] hey,free past-pictures for you to see!
  • friends : [reality] only if they’re with their friends [online] wow,sometimes,thousand of them!
  • family:[reality] only if you can have 2nd date and 3rd date,maybe? [online] maybe,only if their parent knows how to facebook or at least they’re in the pictures.
  • secrets or confidential or life-stories : [reality]if you’ve became their bestfriend,maybe? [online] using the right word or maybe you’re lucky to get to view their blog..

2. Things that you can do~

  • how many times you have a gut to say Hi and knowing her : [reality]admit it,out of 10 girl in the same restaurant..maybe 3 max? [online] haha,just search and view and friend request as much as you want in the same website
  • asking for a pictures : [reality] are you a pervert? [online] just copy and paste. lol

*this is all for now.i’ll find others next time or maybe you can add some up! 😉 cheers!

PS : THIS is just for fun,nothing sexist,and hopefully nothing offensive.It’s all fact.and it can goes the same with guy,but of course,only an upside down world that women go hit on guys~(or maybe 1 in a million?/drunk girls?haha)

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