Chilling Waterfall,Kuala Kubu Bharu

Chilling Waterfall,located in Kuala Kubu Bharu, is one of the cleanest waterfall i’ve ever been,due to the rules of ‘no cooking around the waterfall’ i think?

anyway,this waterfall is also a fish sanctuary and you cannot feed/catch the fish!

The road to chilling is a fun and also involve some nice sceneries along the way.

Here is the link for the map(from KL)

View Larger Map

Once you reach this signboard on the road :

Kuala Kubu Bharu signboard

that means you’re almost there..

you will also drive through Selangor’s dam! here is some of the pictures of the dam :

Selangor's dam

and after a few minutes drive from the dam,you’ll find a small bridge :

bridge and to the right is the waterfall's entrance

and here is the entrance :

The entrance,and a few minutes walk to the ranger's house and chalet/camping area

camping area :

you have to pay for a myr 100 deposit for camping (the money will be returned after you’ve done camping) but you can get less than that..the deposit is the insurance-for-the-nature,because if you’ve done some damage to the campsite surrounding,the money will be used to ‘ cover-the-damage’.. lol

ps : u cannot camp on the waterfall’s higher level because there is almost no spot to camp + when it’s rain,the waterfall is a dangerous place to be neared!

here is some photos from the campsite :

You can see the toilet and prayer's room behind us
The Jabatan hutan's(forestry department) behind us,where you have to register and pay MYR$1 for entrance

the picture above showed a bridge for the trail to the higher level of the can also just enjoy the waterfall from here,but the highest level provides more beautiful + a lil bit of exercise..

only took around 45minutes to 1 hour walk (my fastest time is 30minutes )along the trail with 5 river crossing (This bridge is not included as the rivers’ crossing).

The main bridge that you will see on the campsite
There is 2 hut and some outdoor's table for the visitor in the campsite area

and here is some of the pictures back when i was there :

The rules for the waterfall's visitors!
My bestfriend standing on a group of fish (it's a fish sanctuary after all~)
The waterfall!
A best place to chill~
Harmless monkey on the base campsite
The track is easy..a sandal or adidas kampung are recommended because of the rivers' crossing~
One of the river's crossing
The waterfall view,again. 😛

There is also a new activity that you can do in chilling – Tubing. here are some pictures of that activity :

The launching of the new activity there
Other than kayaking,Tubing/Tube Rush is one of the extreme waterfall please do wear suitable gears
One of the challenge in tube rush activity

some video that i’ve captured during my trip in Chilling’s waterfall :

5 thoughts on “Chilling Waterfall,Kuala Kubu Bharu

    1. Best. sane bersih + sejuk sangat2. trekking pon x heavy, 45min – 1 jam da ley smpi ke main point. jalan ke sane pon mmg tenang,xjem sangat..aku da lame tak gi,tapi hari ni nk gerak ke nuang kowt. lame x masuk utan,dekat2 dl sudaa~ huuhu


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