Gunung Datuk, Negeri Sembilan

Gunung Datuk (Grandpa’s Mountain – english) is one of the mountain that have a beautiful scenery on it’s peak. It is located in Negeri Sembilan,45  minute drive from KL if you use the highway,exit to rembau. There will be a brown-colored signboard showing direction to this place.

Ouh,btw,this is not a mountain actually since the  height doesn’t pass for a real mountain’s height,which this place is only 870m/2900ft height!

A hike approximately around 1hour and 30 minute (that’s my fastest time) to the peak is quite challenging where the route is mostly uphill (almost no downhill or plain land).

The first time i even been there was because my friend told me about the place,and i’ve decided to go there with 2 of my bestfriend (the day after that friend told me about that mountain) From Shah Alam,we drove to Negeri Sembilan during the night.Eventhough the road kinda creepy during the night,but we managed to find the place.

We camped at their basecamp(near the challet and parking next to the waterfall) and as i never went there before,i’ve decided to follow a group of people that later on hiked,that early morning(4am) by myself,since my bestfriend didn’t want to go (we had BBQ before that) and it was the most fun+challenging+scary moment for me because,i have to chase the group(that hike early) without ever knowing the track and with only my headlamp to be trusted with + full stomach with grilled lamb and chicken!ahhaha..

Luckily,i met the group in the middle of  the jungle since most of em separated and i managed to reach the top before they do (since there were ‘quite-easy-to-see marker’ along the path.

Scary story : Whenever im on a hiking trip,i love to go downhill as fast as i can.Instead of tripping,this time i encountered ‘something’ on top of the rock in gunung datuk..a black-suited like a pendekar(Malay-old-fighter) standing still on top of the rock while i was busy running i just ignore that thing (my heart pounded soo hard!) and promise myself to not going downhill alone,ever again!hahaha

here is some of the pictures during my trip – the first and second trip i’ve been there :

View from the peak!
Here is another view
Another 1..we can sleep on the place where i stand..But please do tie yourself if u are an 'active-sleeper'
Everyone from different size and shape can conquer this beautiful hill..except for people who's afraid of height!
You'll need to climb up a ladder to get to the peak..becareful,the ladder only tied to the rock with only few old ropes.
The ladder during nightfall.
My first time in here,hike alone.i made it!
Some of the track's view
my campsite,next to the stream
One of the top's view
If you're lucky,u can catch some sweet mountain's prawn!
The gunung datuk's prawn!

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