Gunung Nuang ( Nuang’s mountain ) Hulu Langat,Selangor

Gunung nuang is the highest mountain in Selangor. It is located in Hulu langat,the same road for other interesting places such as the gabai waterfall,the sungai congkak which will pass by Pekan pangsun and pekan batu 14.

Mount Nuang (Malay: Gunung Nuang) is located in Malaysia with the height of 1,493 metres (4,898 ft). Its peak borders Pahang  and Selangor state. The mountain itself is the highest point in Selangor and part of the Titiwangsa Mountains. (wikipedia)

I’ve been there for almost 6th time in my life,since it is one of the highest,challenging and nearest mountain from my hometown. Most of the Klang Valley area (Kuala Lumpur) who love to hike will visit Nuang during the weekend – fact that i got because each time i went there,i will always met with KL-nian people 😀

The view from the peak was tremendous. The only thing i love about Nuang is that,it is the best n nearest camping + hiking + Trekking + waterfall place in Selangor. There are several campsite in Nuang : the lowest Basecamp(located in the parking area),Lower LoLo camp, LoLo camp (the best campsite for me because it is located near to the waterfall/watersource) ,Pacat’s camp(45 minute steep slope), and the peak(no watersource).

BEWARE : the mountain provides almost highly mental challenges for hikers (esp during the day when they can see the track) and for night-hikers,there are many snakes in the area (highly venomous snakes esp) since for the 6th time i went to nuang,i’ve encountered(and stepped on) 2 different snakes (during the night and day). So please do becareful.

Here is some of my pictures during my trip to nuang with couple of  friends 🙂

4 thoughts on “Gunung Nuang ( Nuang’s mountain ) Hulu Langat,Selangor

  1. salam. I dah sampai kat air terjun Gn Nuang tua ari. tapi hari dah lewat so semua crew tak nak naik atas dan tak nak camping kat situ so kitorang mandi jer lepas turun .. next time mmg nak pergi smpai puncak..


    1. ouwhh..rugi la ta naik sampai atas,esp if lengkap semua barang (paling penting MAKANAN) at least sampai Kem LoLo pon da cukup coz air terjun die sangat2 clear + bersih + fresh. huhuhu..yeah,maybe next time~


      1. hi neo,do we need a guide?if we start at 8am, can be able to complete up and down the peak in day time itself?is it adviceable to climb this month or next month,since it is raining season/


      2. ryzall : well, you don’t have too since the track is pretty easy to identify (follow the trail with some mark at the tree) (mark = plastic wrapped around the tree).
        Depending on your fitness, since u’re starting at 8a.m, you might reach the peak maybe around 2-3pm (for normal hikers). but if you really2 fit and less stop along the way,you can reach the peak at 12pm!

        well, this month is rainy season and I will not advice you to go daytrip on this kind of season due to the fact that the track mostly became a natural waterway and it’s muddy and really slippery(even you are wearing the rm10 adidas- kasut getah).
        But if you are going for a camping trip as well, rainy season might be some interesting adventure for you.

        So,again, not a good idea to go in rainy season by daytrip, but camptrip is quite okay, as long as you don’t camp on the peak (risk of getting struck by lightning)


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