Lepoh/Lepok Waterfall

Lepoh waterfall is one of the ‘almost-hidden’ waterfall in ulu langat.I’ve been here for almost 4 times .It is a good place for exercise + splashing water + enjoying the peace and calm of the nature.

It is located in 2 hour(maximum treckking) from Kem Idaman Nurani,Hulu Langat. The road to reach there is THE SAME road to reach Nuang’s mountain / sungai congkak waterfall,a left turn before you reach Nuang’s mountain.You will entered orang asli village ( native ) before u reach the Kem Idaman Nurani (Idaman Nurani’s camp). There is a stream along the road (in the camp) where you can just jump in and maybe rent a hut to get change or stay for a night or two. The lepoh waterfall is the starting point of the stream that u’ll see along that camp,so you’ll need to pack up and head toward the right trail.

The trail is quite challenging because you have to hike almost 5-6 hills. The first track will be a motorcycle track which made by the orang asli to go into the jungle..there will be 2 bridges before you’ll reach the track’s head.

If you need a guide,you can give this uncle a call (he lives there) Uncle Lan : 019-642 4489. i never have a guide back when i went there because i love to just explore some track until it’s end. I got his number when on my 4th time,a friend of mine (female) had an emergency during our downhill trip where she have some stomachache ,which lead me,and 2 of my male fren to carry her downhill..(luckily she only weight around 46 smthing) hahaha,then when we reach at the parking,this uncle give a helping hand and also his number. 😛

anyway,Lepoh waterfall’s track is quite hard to find due to the fact that :

– there aren’t many people knew about the waterfall.

– the track almost covered by bushes since the orang asli hardly went up there nowadays (There used to be an orang asli’s hut in the middle of the track but it was abandoned)

You can camp at lepoh waterfall but i never did that because lepoh waterfall is only my choice for a ‘day-trip-to-kill-weekend-time’ hahah.

Here are some pictures of me during all of my trip to lepoh :

The camp area with my friends
The parking area where you can see behind us,there is the track to go in to the 1st bridge's crossing
The road along the camp
The first bridge
The same parking area with different friends..lol
The orang asli's hut (this is taken on 2009) but in 2010,the hut was abandoned!
the waterfall!!!! 2009 - the water was sooo clear!
The motorcycle's track/road (the early track before you'll head into the jungle track
During the track,you will go through an orchard,own by the orang asli
The place are now 'popular'~ 😉 but too few 'comfortable' spot to land/camp/picnic
If you're lucky,you can find and take this spot before others' do
The waterfall overview's view. 😛
You can see how clear the water is!
This photo is taken on 2010.the water is still clear..but not as clear as 2009 😦
The waterfall is a great place for a day-trip trekking and picnic! 😉
If you brave enough,you can still climb up the rock.BECAREFUL though!
The upper section of the lepoh waterfall
You can bring your dog along!! 🙂
One of the few spot available in lepoh waterfall to land.

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