3D Driving Test in Track Simulator (3DDTiTS)

1.1 Background of the project

Since the beginning of vehicles inventions, driving has become one of the process that most human will learn. Driving test is common in our country, which is one of the process that user will endure to make themselves eligible to drive.

Based on conventional method, applicants who want to take a driving test will have to come for paid classes at certain amount of time. More training is needed to ensure they will not fail on the driving test.

The user’s knowledge on the marking system were low, due to the fact that only the JPJ supervisor hold the marking form during test in track session, which for the first timer applicant, they would not have enough knowledge about the marking system.

I saw this opportunity to develop a simulator that enables the user to train without having to pay for classes, exposing the marking system to the applicants, giving them some ‘real-view’ of the track and generally will save amount of time for practicing. The simulator is a real-life situation that generated by computers, which allow the user to feel the real situation during driving test in track.

Game approach on evaluating the user’s mistakes is applied in this simulator. The user will be informed if any mistakes or rules that they have broken through this simulator. This is one of the applications that can help the user to train in their PC which teach them the basic of driving.

For driving test in track, there will be 3 types of test, which is uphill test, three point U-turn test and reverse parking test. Each test have its own marking system implemented by the JPJ and the applicants should finish each test in time without making any errors.

1.1.1 JPJ Driving test in track

In order for the license applicant ( D class ) to pass, driving test in track is one of the phase they need to go through. It is a compulsory test in Malaysia which conducted in certified tracks by JPJ. In this test, there are 3 type of task that needed to be done by the applicants ;

  1. 1. Uphill test
    1. The applicants need to drive and stop the vehicle on top of a hill, with the front tires on top of a marker.
  2. 2. 3 point U-Turn test
    1. The applicants need to do a 3 point U-turn in a specific space.
  3. 3. Reverse or sideway parking
    1. The applicants need to park the vehicle in a specific spot provided in the track. The parking is a sideway parking.

For this test, the applicants need to pass the entire sub test to ensure them on moving on to the next test which is the Road test.

1.1.2 3D Simulator

A simulator is a form of digital computer that designed on purpose of research or learning. A simulator consists of multiple connected hardware and software that run to process an output for the user.

A simulator simulate a simulation (a virtual environment) that interact with the user to process the outcome. Using 3D simulator, the user can feel the level of immersion of the simulator. With the current 3D technology advancing, the 3D simulator can generate and visualized almost as real as the reality in term of their immersion level.

Complete simulators that provide a high immersive level usually are very expensive, complicated and involved with many hardware. Based on the target user, a simulator development will generate what can the users’ hardware support.

3D simulator used in many area of expertise, such as medical science, computer science, engineering and aerospace. The purpose is contrast, related to the specific area of the simulator.

a screen capture from the 3 point U-turn test
A screen capture from the overview of the 3 point U-Turn test.
a screen capture from the driving test menu.The user can select which driving test they want to take
My workplace during the development process.. LOL
the beta version of my product

2 thoughts on “3D Driving Test in Track Simulator (3DDTiTS)

  1. As we’re on 3D Driving Test in Track Simulator (3DDTiTS) Live and let live, Driving aggressively but with total control is the best style possible. Putting your car near its limit as long as possible and avoiding damage the car will be a great challenge. A driver’s consistency and smoothness are major concerns when tuning your car to the highest standards.


    1. and your point is that by testing the vehicle’s limit via simulator is your scope? well,based on my research,some of the motor-company such as BMW,and toyota have their own simulator to test the car’s capability 🙂 as for my title, it is simply develop in a smaller scope than that.. 🙂


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